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I don't like to describe myself because it's never very accurate. Anyway, here I go. Woman. Lesbian. Spanish (from Spain, because I met people that thinks that Spanish is someone from Mexico). If Saturdays would be a colour it would be green (I don't know why). Love music (I don't care the genre, year or nationality). I'm a soccer sucker (sometimes like a hooligan). Madonna is the queen. My first OTP was Xena/Gabrielle (oh, those days). But my all time favorite OTP is Sam/Brooke (Bram!), and of course TiBette. I'm crazy about animals (especially dogs). I couldn't live without sense of humour.

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60s music, ali liebert, american dad, animals, animated films, anime, asoiaf, battle royale, bering and wells, bette porter, betty/kate, bomb girls, bram, brooke mcqueen, brooke/sam, buffy the vampire slayer, canada, carby, carly pope, carly/leslie, cartoons, cassidy freeman, clark kent, classic movies, clois, comedy, cuddling, d.e.b.s, dexter, documentaries, dogs, ecology, ellen degeneres, er, erica durance, family guy, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fanmix, fantasy, feminism, femslash, fiction, fluff, football, foreign cinema, formula 1, fried green tomatoes, game of thrones, gay rights, gene kelly, gilmore girls, h.g. wells, h.g./myka, harvey birdman, helena wells, horror movies, ice cream, icons, imagine me and you, jaime murray, jennifer beals, jessica chastain, judy garland, julie andrews, kate winslet, kate/betty, kill bill, kissing, laurel holloman, lauren graham, leslie bibb, leslie grossman, literature, liza minnelli, lois lane, lord of the rings, lorelai gilmore, lost, love, lucy lawless, madonna, manga, maura tierney, mcandrews, movies, mulder, mulder/scully, music, musicals, myka bering, myka/hg, new zealand, old movies, pizza, poetry, pop, popular, quentin tarantino, ranma, ranma/akane, reading, renée o'connor, robot chicken, rock, romance, rory gilmore, sam mcpherson, sam/brooke, saturday night live, scully, sleep, smallville, soccer, south of nowhere, south park, sports, subtext, sugar, super nintendo, superman, television, tennis, tess mercer, the 90s, the corrs, the l word, the little prince, tibette, tim burton, tina kennard, tolkien, tom welling, traveling, tv, uma thurman, unresolved sexual tension, video games, warehouse 13, will & grace, women, writing, x-files, xena, xena/gabrielle, xena: warrior princess, zoe bell