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Fic: Let It Snow (Bering & Wells)

Title: Let It Snow
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 520
A/N: I don't know why I post this, honestly. I'm not very good at writing, so you are warned.
Summary: Helena loves snow, but she loves to tease Myka even more.

Myka was deeply asleep. It was late and it was snowing outside. Her bedroom door opened slowly. Helena grinned and crawled onto the bed, next to Myka. The young agent didn't move and Helena slip her hands under the covers and under the pajama top Myka was wearing. Helena chuckled when Myka jumped from the bed complaining.

"Helena!" she growled "You're frozen! What are you doing?" she said annoyed.

Helena just smiled and lay on the bed with her hands under her head "I was outside. It's snowing" she said happily.

Myka rolled her eyes and lit the lamp on her nightstand "I know it's snowing. That's why I'm in bed...well... I was in bed" she complained sitting on the edge of the mattress. She put some hair away from her face with a sigh "What are you doing? Do you know how late it is?"

Helena shrugged and sat on the bed. She smiled mischievously at Myka "I was hoping you could warm me" she said innocently.

Myka rolled her eyes again with a growl. She ran a hand along her hair with frustration "Somebody could see us" she whispered "or hear us".

"I can't help it" Helena said standing from the bed "Don't you want to keep me warm in this cold night?" she asked all innocently.

Myka stood from the bed decided to not be tempted. She looked at Helena seriously. The victorian woman was so beautiful. Her eyes sparkled with adorable mischief, and Myka saw love and sweetness also. Her will began to fail, she realised. She shook her head and went to Helena determined.

"Go to your room before we get in some trouble" she whispered cautiously.

Helena grinned and moved to Myka "I like troubles" she said in a way that made Myka shivered and move backwards.

Helena watched delighted how Myka shivered and smiled again. She took the younger woman by her waist, wrapping her arms around her. Myka tried to escape from the older woman's arms, but she realised she didn't want to. She wanted this. She wanted to be with Helena more than anything in the world.

"Let me go" Myka whispered "They're going to hear us!"

Helena smiled sideways "Do you want me to go to my lonely room? I'm frozen" she said pouting.

That was too much for Myka. She couldn't bear that pout. It was adorable, sweet, charming but also incredible sexy.

Helena moved her head to the side "Ok" she said liberating Myka from her hug "I'll go, if you want to" she said turning back to the door. She put her hand on the knob.

"No, wait" Myka whispered trying to not to talk too loud.

Helena grinned facing the door. She turned around and looked at Myka innocently. The younger woman almost groaned in frustration. She went to Helena and grabbed her by the lapels of her jacket. Helena wrapped her arms around the younger woman's waist again with a bright smile.

"You'll pay me for this" Myka said moving to Helena's tempting lips.

Helena moved her head backwards, so her lips were away from Myka, "Anytime" she whispered in such a way, that Myka groaned and melt her lips with Helena.

Tags: bering and wells, fanfiction, hg wells, myka bering, warehouse 13
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