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Bering & Wells - Through The Blue

Evan & Jaron - Through The Blue

I wish I could see you back
I hope you're fine wherever you are
And know that I think about you all the time

I, I smile through the blue for you
Even though it's hard to stay awake some days
And baby I smile sometimes through the blue for you
Even though I know you're a million miles away

The Perishers - What We Once Had

Don't care 'bout what I said
Just care 'bout what I've done
Though lots of trust is gone
You're still the only one

Don't dare to hope for much
I'm doing the best I can
I take it as it comes, when it comes

Robert Ramirez - All The Stars

Give me a chance to live
or come to me,
the reason I tend to be afraid.
I'm waiting.
I've been alone for you,
day after day,
honestly I can't believe
you're leaving.

My soul lives in everything, babe.
A dark dream lives on my bed.
I love, I hate you.
Every moment,
I love, I hate you

Joe 90 - Just A Dream

Just a dream I had
But I don't remember what was said
In this dream of black and white
We were talkin' all through the night

About life and of love
And I don't want to lose it
Oh, was it real?
Or was it really just a dream?

Fastball - Don't Give Up On Me

Ridin' down the freeway
I've got to stay free
I need a little leeway
And an angel to watch over me

Don't give up on me
Don't give up on me

'Cause I know I let you down girl
Once, twice, or maybe three
I fell into temptation
Won't you tell me that you'll wait for me?

Hoobastank - You Need To Be Here

'Cause something's incomplete, not quite how it should be
And I try and I try just to live in the moment
But everything I do just leads me back to you
'Cause there is no substitute

The whole world's racing by
And no words can describe how this feels inside
You need to be here, you need to be here with me
They come and go so fast, these moments never last
You need to be here, you need to be here with me

Florence and The Machine - Falling

Sometimes I wish for falling
Wish for the release
Wish for falling through the air
To give me some relief
Because falling's not the problem
When I'm falling I'm in peace
It's only when I hit the ground
It causes all the grief

Ross Copperman - They'll Never Know

Hush, baby don’t cry
Just get through this night

Cuz all that you are
Is broken inside
But they’ll never know
They’ll never know

Barcelona - Come Back When You Can

Please take your time
But you've got to know that
I am taking sight.
Oh, you look good
with your patient face and wandering eye
Don't hold this war inside.

Come back when you can.
Let go, you'll understand.
You've done nothing at all to make me love you less.
So come back when you can

Atlantis - Ellie Goulding

This is new
Feels unused
I've never met anyone like you

Feeling naked
Sense in searching something sacred

I'll forget you not
I'll forget you not
I'll forget you not
I'll wait for you... maybe



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